Why join Rotary—and especially our Club?


Essentially, it’s all about “SERVICE to COMMUNITIES”.

Locally, this involves activities to provide financial or practical support to youth (such as schools, sports clubs), charitable community organisations, the local environment and quality of life for all.

Internationally, Rotary projects tackle various challenges in less-advantaged countries/communities. For example, disease prevention such as malaria or polio, clean water and sanitation, education or surgical requirements, such as through Interplast click here  or ROMAC (Rotary Oceania Medical Aid for Children) click here 

Rotary clubs provide great opportunities for individual members to develop and demonstrate their own abilities—teamwork, planning and carrying out projects, communication skills, networking, motivating people, leadership.
If you want to help like-minded men and women in your area to improve the lives of others in local and global communities …. JOIN ROTARY.

For many, joining the local Rotary Club has been also the start of enduring, life-long friendships which extend well beyond Rotary activities.

How to join the Rotary Club of Mt Eliza.

This is where I come in, because I am our Club’s Membership Director. My name is Tim Acton and that’s my photo’s no “oil-painting” but you will find me amicable, trustworthy and keen to help!

If you would like to explore joining our Rotary Club please do the following:

 call me on 0418 310 727 or email me to have a chat over a coffee or glass of wine to discuss any queries you may have about Rotary or our Club in particular;

 I will be happy to invite you to one of our regular Club meetings (dinner on Tuesdays at Toorak College in Mt Eliza) to see and hear how our Club operates and to meet other members—we can assure you of a friendly welcome;

 If you like what you find and want to pursue membership, you will be asked to meet a couple of our committee members informally for more detailed discussions about being part of our Club, your interests etc; and

 If we are all agreed, we will then make a formal offer of membership and you will become a much-valued Rotarian—part of the huge, worldwide Rotary family and one of us in the Rotary Club of Mt Eliza